With 24 days to go, we talk of one of the most vital part of any Congress, the Food & Beverages!

for those who are staying at hotels booked with us, your breakfast will be served at your respective hotels. No breakfast facility is available at the venue for all delegates.

Lunch at the Renaissance will be held at the 2 level terraces of the hotel, this area can be accessed via the lifts in the convention centre, near the convention centre main entrance. Lunch time will last for 1 hour.

Snacks will be served at Mumbai Chaat Street, a unique point to meet and conduct business, just adjacent to the Trade Area. This will be on continuously from 10am to 5 pm on first 3 days, and upto 2 pm on Sunday. This area will have the favorite street food of Mumbai, served to you, piping hot. Tea and Coffee will be served here as well across all hours of the conference.
There is no charge for the food and beverages served, and is available to all delegates

Dinner will be served on 3 nights at The Kamal Amrohi Grounds, from 9:30 pm onwards. 26th Jan is a dry day.
The concert timings are 7-10 pm on all 3 days.

will be available outside halls, and at all prominent areas of the congress.