There are a load of prizes to be won at AOCR 2018. And the congress hasn’t even begun!!
50 Fitness bands will be won over a period of 9 quiz competitions that are being held on the Mobile App every Sunday, starting 19 Nov 2017 upto Jan 14 2018.

We have winners of our first Q1 (19 Nov) contest that is running on the Mobile App
They are:
Nikhil Reddy (Hyderabad), Rajesh Kizhedath (Kozhikode), Aeshita Singh (Bilaspur), Neha Shah (Mumbai) and Pukit Rangarh (Lucknow)
The Fitness bands are on their way and should reach the winners early next week.

The answers are : 1)Ischemiac bowel 2) DOrsal thoracic Web 3) Dendritic Pulmonary Ossification 4) Ruptured Dicerticulum with fistula and 5) Hypothalamic Hamartoma

Second Quiz Q 2 is on and gets over tomorrow morning 9am.